Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear President Schmutz,

Sister Acain really makes me feel I was not even close to being prepared when I came to the field.  As I watch all of the new missionaries coming in and being trained I see how much greater prepared Sister Acain is then all of us starting out.  I have really seen her progression also with teaching.  Elder Eubanks just came into the district and I can tell he is really struggling with confidence.  I know the mission really will shape him into a new person.  I am excited to see the change in him as he progresses on the mission.  Sister Acain never had any confidence problems.  Maybe its different because we were learning a language, but she really knows her doctrine.  She hasn't shown a weakness yet.  She is willing and ready to take on any challenge.  I think maybe I am the one that needs the training.  It has been hard to keep up with the study program, but we are working our hardest to be obedient about studying.  I know lately I haven't been as strict about the program in the past since sometimes I put our priority with teaching appointments.  We are just struggling to meet with all of our investigators, inactive members, and recent converts, and then to follow up with all of them.  There are just so many people to keep up with we really have our work cut out for us.  I can tell that Sister Acain is a little disappointed that we haven't had any baptisms, but we are praying that we will have three this April.  The area has been struggling, and the ward is not fellow shipping like we need them to be.  I have even given a talk, or more like a training on how to fellowship.  But I have not seen any change on that point.  Its been a fight.  I am really happy to be companions with Sister Acain she is my best friend.  She is such a great example to me of strong will to continue to work hard, and to be obedient.  She has a strong will power, and will not let anything tear her down.  She is diligent, patient, and a very smart.  I can't wait to see what miracles she brings with her next companions.  I am confident she is ready to train when I am transferred to Negros next transfer.     

We have eight investigators with a baptismal date hopefully all will be ready, but at this point only three have been coming to church.  We will do our very best to get our investigators to church this week.  We follow-up every week by text or even going with our investigators to church to make sure we are doing everything to help them understand how important going to church every week is.  I think that is the problem with many members in our ward they don't understand about the importance of attending church.  When it rains half of our ward doesn't show up its sad to see the wavering faith.  

I am far from perfect President I thought I would reach a higher level by this point, but I find my self falling short.  But I think that's good that I see what I need to work on.  They say that when you think you are perfect then that is when you are the most prideful.  I am grateful for you email this week about faith I think that maybe that is where I am lacking.  I think maybe the area would be much better if we could just gain more faith for our area.  I have run out of ideas for how to help our area, and this is maybe my answer.  I will study faith this week and hopefully that will help build it up to make miracles happen.  

I know there can be miracles when we believe.  I know problems are only problems when we let them be.  

I love you President Schmutz you really have been called of God to lead us.  I am grateful for your quiet dignity.


Sister Bruno

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