Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Loves Companion

family, We plan on moving because our neighbors are weird. They have a little casino they have a little bar and they have a little park out whenever we come home. We decided that it would be best not to be in such an atmosphere. We are looking for a place to stay because actually the apartment is okay its the neighbors that are the problem. They are all relatives we are the outcasts. Transfers again this coming next week we will find out next p-day if we will transfer but I plan on being here at least another transfer. If my extension is not approved this will be my last transfer! I think though that it will be approved. I'm still waiting for the official word, but last zone conference I didn't give my testimony with my batch because President said I might as well wait... I think that means I will extend!! I don't know yet though!! I hope though that I can extend. My batch going home is sad because I wont be going home with them anymore but it will be worth it to extend. If I do extend I will be coming home the first week in June! if not the last week in April. I really love my companion. She really is my bestie!! She makes the mission fun. She has a super outgoing personality and she will tell you what she thinks. She is Spunky they say! I love you all see you soon Love Sister Bruno

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