Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Work in Marigondon Moving Slower


Love all of y'all.  

So I have really been worried this week for our recent converts and our investigators.  They really are like family to me.  They still have so many trials to go through.  Louis and Louie though are giving up smoking.  Although its not easy for them, especially since there is so many people that do not want them to succeed in this difficult task, they are making progress.  We bought them candy so that they can substitute candy for smoking.  

Leo's parents are not letting him get baptized.  He really has a desire to be baptized, but they are not supporting his decision.  They support his brothers decision because his brother was a little out of control before and now is straightening out.  For Leo though he is a nice kid and they don't want him to get baptized.  We are doing everything we can to convince them otherwise.  He is 17 years old so he needs their permission.

Bryyel is still going strong he is missionary material! 

Sister Amy is being interviewed this Saturday I hope she makes the right decision.  

Sister Rose is being interviewed this Saturday too and I think that she is ready.  This will be the best step for her to make for her family right now.     

Brother Ronnel really surprised us with his testimony in the lesson the other day.  He is really growing.  I saw him walking down the street from behind when we were going to visit him the other day I recognized him and waved.  He saw only my hand out of the tricycle and he took a tricycle to his house and met us there.  Sister Falculan was laughing because I recognized him even from the back.  I am very observant...  

Growing Learning Living

Still here even though its been 8 months don't forget about me!!

Sister Bruno

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