Monday, June 27, 2011

Philippines Cebu Mission President D. Parke Hansen's Farewell Letter

Dear Elders and Sisters of the Philippines Cebu Mission,  
I am breaking tradition by writing my final letter you as a group rather than responding individually to your emails from last week.  I am profoundly grateful for each one of you and the dedicated efforts you have put forth in serving the Lord.  This is His work, and each of you contributes to the success and progress of the entire mission.  You will be blessed eternally for the sacrifices and selfless work you are devoting to the Master.  Your lives have been interwoven with mine and will remain so after I am released.  I depart with a glad heart and the assurance that your new mission president will bring a special spirit of love which will permeate throughout the mission and into your hearts.  President and Sister Schmutz are called of God, and I have already felt their love for each of you.  They have been praying for you for some time, and have already begun to know you through your pictures and countenances.  Each of you are unique, and I feel confident that President Schmutz will be able to see the worth of your souls. 

The success of any mission president is seen in the lives of the missionaries as the years unfold.  Let the doctrines of the gospel fill you with the grand vision of your eternal potential.  Face the future with faith in every footstep.  Trust in God’s perfect mercy and love for you.  Know that your life is essential to His ongoing mission to save and exalt His children.  Just as you bring joy to your earthly parents by living a virtuous and upright life, so you bring that same happiness to your Heavenly Father, only it is coupled with His limitless capacity to bless and magnify us.  I pray that you will continue to battle your own weaknesses and turn them into strengths through the Lord’s mighty power. I have great hopes for each of you, for you are all recipients of the everlasting covenant.  You are destined to inherit thrones, kingdoms, principalities, and powers far beyond your present understanding.  Keep yourselves unspotted from the world by continuing to live according to your covenants.  You will always be our sons and daughters, and we will continue to pray for your success.

I know that God lives and loves us, Jesus is our Savior and Redeemer, Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration, the Book of Mormon is true, and we have a living prophet today who receives current revelation.  I know that the plan of happiness is the true course for all men and will lead to eternal felicity with our families.  These truths are precious to me and provide a sure foundation and motivation to inherit all that the Father has.  I close by conveying the same sentiments as the prophet Jacob who culminated his writings by simply saying ADIEU.

Please start today by writing to President Schmutz using the same IMOS website.

Thank You and God bless you.

Your Fellow Servant,

President D. Parke Hansen    June 27, 2011

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