Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Another Baptism in Marigondon

Dear Family!

So we had a family home evening at the Latoga families house because it was Joice's birthday yesterday and their mom Michelle's day off was Tuesday this week.  It was really fun.  Actually all the family home evenings we have here in the Philippines are a success because everyone really is willing to participate no matter the game!  I am learning to be chill here on the mission.  I have become shy of sorts I think I picked that up from the culture.  All of our investigators are so shy at first!!  I have come to like the personality so much its become me.  BUT not so much shy because I'm a missionary and its dili pwede to be shy.

Brother Randy Minosa is getting baptized on Saturday!!  I'm so excited he has been talking about going on a mission and that's AWESOME.  He might be the one who actually endures to the end.  Its been a struggle with the Latoga kids because they don't have a firm support system so we really are trying to work with their family to help them stay in the church. 

Leo, Louie, and Brryel are prepared for the gospel and are so willing to get baptized but its all up to their parents permission.  Their parents are Catholic JUD and so who knows we are BRTing like crazy and we will see what happens!

Brother Harold walked to church he didn't have money for plete and so he walked we talked about sacrifice and if he needed to to walk to church kind of joking but serious.  He actually walked to church we were shocked and astonished but it just shows that God prepares His children for the gospel.  

We have an investigator Sister Lovely Laybon whose live-in partner left her but he sounds like not a very nice person.  He has 4 other women he has children with and he is married.  I guess he was with sister lovely for 4 years.  We are now teaching her and she is excited to go to church because her live in partner wouldn't let her go to church for all 4 years of their living together.   

The days are passing by much quicker and I feel like I'm grasping at least part of the conversation.  I'm no were close to understanding everything being said but the work will go on.
Nahigugma ko kaninyo Lagi ( I love yall seriously)

Sister Bruno

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