Dear President Hansen,

The last couples of weeks have been a success.  We had a baptism of brother Randy Minoza.  He is 21 Years old and wants to serve a mission.  We are building his knowledge of the gospel and building his faith so he can endure and serve a mission next year. 

Sister Amy and Sister Rose is still on the fence about getting baptized.  They go to church, but they want to know if it really is the right church.  We are going by the spirit for their lessons. 

Leo, Louis, Louie, and Bryyel are progressing towards their baptism on July 2 and they all want to serve missions too.  Louie and Louis has been smoking for 5 years, but we have faith that they can stop.  They have the desire they just need to take the action.

I am still learning, and see the progression.  I am still no where close to the point where I expected to be this far into my mission, but I am relying on the Lord and trying my best.  

Sister Bruno