Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Four More Baptisms in Marigondon

Dear Fams...

So thanks for the updates its been awhile since hearing from you all.  Its weird to think life goes on while I'm away, but s much has changed.  I'm grateful though I have nothing to worry about except the worries of other people.  Which actually is WAY more stressful than having to worry about my own life haha..

So from your letters you say I sound happy and its so true.  I come home so tired every night and its awesome because we just have so many people to visit everyday.  I have become close with my investigators and I don't want to see the transfer come, because it brings change.  I could be transferring or Sister Falculan could be transferring we find out on Wednesday next week.  Our investigators and recent converts don't want either of us to go, and if possible I hope we both stay one more transfer! 

We have four baptisms planned for this Friday 1 July 2011 Bryl, Leo, Rose, and Amy.  I am so excited for them.

Stay active in the church and always read the Book of Mormon.  Don't ever fall away from the church!  If you do I will come home from my mission and... Well just don't! 

Love you all

Sister Bruno 

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