Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Make or Break Moments

Dear Fams!

Nahigugma Ko kaninyo

Welp this week has been so fast.  The time in Marigondon really has been fun.  My trainer went home and my other 2 companions (Sister Williams and Sister Caluyo), President Hansen, and Sister Hansen go home in July this next transfer.

We have some great investigators who are really progressing.  Looking back I see that the Lord really does prepare his children for the gospel.

Ronnel (23 yrs), Harold (27 yrs), and Rolland (30 yrs) came to church this last Sunday and we are bring them to temple tours this coming Thursday.  We are teaching them Word of Wisdom tonight so we will see what happens this might be a make or break moment.

Brother Randy is going to be baptized on 11 June.  We were going to have his baptism on 18 June but he is just really ready so we asked if we could change it because a member of the bishopric id going to get married 18 June and everyone will be at his wedding.

Brother Leo really wants to get baptized, but his father is against it and has not given permission yet, but he has not said no so there is still hope.  Brother Leo is 17 yrs and he is so willing to be baptized he just needs permission from his father.  We plan to teach his father this coming Sunday!

Sister Amy is still reluctant about getting baptized but she is going to church every Sunday and is reading the Book of Mormon despite her eye condition.

Sister Rose missed church this past week so we gave her another baptismal date!  28 June!

Learning everyday and loving everyday.

Sister Bruno

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