Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mission Changes

Dear F-A-M-I-L-Y!

Are you still alive?  Can someone write me and give me an update?!? I havent hear from most of you for awhile so just curious how everyone is doing....

The mission is GREAT... 

We just had brother Randy Minoza Ybanez this past Saturday 11 June 2011!  Success!  He is 21 years old and he wants to serve a mission.  We are really excited for him and he seems to be doing great.  We hope that he will continue to have to desire to serve a mission after a year.  Next 11 June 2012 he will serve a mission UNTA (hopefully)!

We are teaching Leo Minoza and Louis Minoza and Bryyel Minoza (brother Randy's cousins).  They have a baptismal date of 2 July.  The only problems they seem to be having is that their parents are against their being baptized.  We are building trust from their parents and hopefully they will be baptized on their baptismal date, because who knows what will happen at transfers.  

We had our last zone conference with President and Sister Hansen.  They leave 2 July 2011.  Our new Mission president and his wife come on the 1 July 2011 and their last name is Smutz (?) I think thats the spelling...?  It was really sad to say goodbye.  We all did musical numbers because Sister Hansen requested it!

We have a special Temple session next week for all the sisters.  Sister Hansen got it approved and it sounds like its going to be awesome.

One of our investigators Harold moved home.  He is now in Mindinaw so we gave the Assistants to the President the referral.  He is what I call a golden investigator.  When he got to his house over there he texted us and told us that he stayed up reading the Book of Mormon until 3 in the morning.  He also said that he was going to show the restoration dvd to his family.  We texted him back and told him to make sure that he explained the background and testify.  He is like a missionary there now.  We are definitely going to follow up on making sure that the missionaries over there find him in Arora!  

We are getting portable DVD players in August!  They are a study resource.  We can watch the Preach my Gospel DVD's and any of the distribution center DVD's!  I am so excited.

Working hard so my husband will be cuter :) Just kidding...

Love you all

Sister Bruno 

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