Dear President Schmutz,

President I just want to say hello and welcome.  I am excited to have the opportunity to get to know you throughout the rest of my mission, and hope that you will love Cebu as much as I have come to love it.  The people are very kind and they are humble enough to accept the gospel readily.

This week have been a mix of emotions.  We have been struggling to keep out recent converts active, and to help them realize the importance of enduring to the end by continuing to go to church, and for them to be active in the church.

We have four planned baptisms this coming Friday 1 July 2011.  We are not for sure about the baptism of Sister Amy because she has not said yes or definite no about her baptism, but I pray everyday she will make the decision to be baptized and open the gate. 

Bryl Minoza 17 years old is a great example to me.  We taught him about fasting this past Monday and on Tuesday he fasted.  He has the desire to know the truth.  He is going to be baptized this Friday.

Leo Minoza 17 years old his mom said he could be baptized yesterday.  She finally gave her permission after not wanting him to be baptized.  It gave us the opportunity to start to teach his mother about the gospel so she would let her son be baptized.  She actually is slowly listening to the gospel. 

Louis Minoza 18 years old stopped smoking.  He is so excited about getting baptized he only regrets he could stop smoking earlier. 

Sister Anastasia is listening to the gospel she is the Lola of Bryl. 

From our recent convert Randy Minoza we have started to teach at least 7 people.  He is a strong person.  I only hope he can continue to live the gospel and not fall away.  He is the example for them since he was the first to be baptized, and to introduce us to them.  He is struggling at times but through the members he is becoming stronger.

I see Satan working on these boys especially since they talk about going on their missions.  I am worried about their retention, but I have faith God will help them when they need it.  I only worry because I meet so many people on the streets while I2Ling that are inactive now.  Also some of my recent converts have already fallen away.

I know that this work has been progressing quickly.  I am grateful I am a part of it.

Sister Bruno