Thursday, July 7, 2011

Leading an Area


So almost for sure that Sister Falculan is transferring which for me is bad news for her she is excited.  This area is super expensive and she actually is tired of asking her family for personal money.  But we have been blessed for spending all of our might, mind, strength, and personal money in this area :)

I am finally starting to get this bisayan thing but sometimes I still miss an important word and my translation for the conversation may not be correct.  Its funny most of the time.  I have become super close with everyone here in Marigondon, and am grateful to be the one staying.  If Sister Falculan leaves I will be leading the area.  Which is sooo stressful especially since our area hasn't split yet so we have two wards we  have investigators attend but actually we are part of three wards!!  Talk about a huge responsibility!  Talk about oh so many many pimples :(  

We are going to the aquarium today for district activity I am sooo excited dont worry I will send pictures, but we have to go because we are already late!!

Love you all
Sister Bruno

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