Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Philippines Cebu Missionaries Share Food with Hungry Children


First of all I love you!

Today we had Zone activity it was really fun! I took pictures but I forgot to bring my cord to upload pictures again!! ;We ate and played games at family Park in our area Talamban. We are all family on the mission and have lots of laughs. We moved apartments and I am building my fan base here in Apas. My companions tell me I have fans all the mga Lalaki always yell until I say Hi to them. The people love America here so its easy to get into houses to teach. Its retaining the members that is the hard work. People here are really humble they have nothing but the clothes and food for their needs and of course huge television sets. Its really funny we go to these houses and they have these one room houses with nothing in them bamboo huts and huge TV sets. You see the important things in life its universal! They are so awesome though about listening. If we visit they turn the Television off right away and listen.

The kids are my favorite I have become best friends with many of the little kids in our area. They help me with the language or just laugh at my language its really fun actually!

Our mission standards are 21+ lessons a week 140 I2l's (invite to learn) 3 CSP hours (community Service Project) 7y7 (seven companionship study weekly planning seven nightly evaluation)

We had one investigator named Leo but he is making no progression so I think we might drop him he is going to be the first person we decide to drop, but we haven't yet we will see.

The poverty is insane here if you just listen your hearts go out to the people but all we can do is to teach them. I want to give everything to these people and give them all their needs but we don't have the resources. There is too many people to help. All I can do is teach the plan of happiness and hope its enough. I have faith if these people will just follow God He will provide for them. We give kids pass along cards. If we have food and are walking it's not uncommon that we will give our food to the children. It's so sad to see their faces their crying and you know its because they are hungry.

I love it here and am having an adventure. Actually we welcome opposition because that is what makes it the adventure. We laugh every night walking home because we are super goofy. I thought before why are missionaries so happy it must just be show,but really on the mission you can't help but to be happy because you are helping others you are walking in the path of Jesus Christ and am trying really hard to follow God and His will. I hope that you all are growing strong in your testimonies of the gospel and continue your missions!! I love you all and am praying that you have health,happiness, and laugh until it hurts!

Until next week this is the adventure of Cebu Philippines Mission.

Yours Always,

Sister Bruno

I love you nalang sa tago (i love you secretly) A lalaki said that to me on the dyipney when I I2Led him... hahah yeah good times on the mission :)

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