Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunny in Talamban


Today has been a good P-day the sun is shining and it's not toooo humid! This morning we were running late to  go to the temple so we wanted to take a taxi, but taxi's never come to our house so we took a dyipney to Talamban from where our house is in Pit-os. We were trying to wave down a taxi as we rode in the dyipney.  It was way funny! We then got off at Talamban and took a taxi, but when we were 20 minutes out there was a broken down taxi and our taxi driver stopped to help his friend. We wanted to help but the taxi driver knew we were in a hurry and insisted that we switch taxi's. So we took  another taxi and the first driver didn't make us pay. We then got a  cheap taxi ride and made it in plenty of time for our temple session.

This week we have been teaching a man named Leo who we found in  Talamban his street is literally right where the church is so he can walk. I placed a Book of Mormon with him. We also teach a little girl named Rosalyn since we can't teach Brother Leo without a girl kuyog. She is 11 years old but doesn't seem way into  our lessons, but I hope we can change that. It's hard to teach different kinds of people all at once, but in lessons there are tons of people who just join in to listen. We will be teaching a lesson or talking to someone on the street and people will just come and join in. In the Philippines it's interesting. We will go to homes and people will be there, but its not their home, and the owners won't be home. People always visit each other at their houses and hangout in waiting sheds or like bamboo huts outside. There are kids everywhere.

There is one kid that I love we don't teach him or his family we just met him on the street and he is like my best friend. Every time we  see him I'm always happy his name is P.G. He is super adorable! He  always talks to us when we walk by. The people are super friendly here,  But most kids make fun of my language it's irritating sometimes. Most people are just shocked I can speak Bisayan and stare with their mouths open, it's crazy, and funny at the same time.

I love you all and pray for you. Hope all is well!; Miss y'all


Sister Bruno

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