Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunny in the Philippines

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Date: Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 1:32 PM
Subject: Sunny in the Philippines!

Dear President Hanson,

This week has been really good. We have been doing a lot of finding, and we
found a man named Leo and a little girl named Rosalyn who live across from the church. Its perfect within walking distance of the church. I hope we see progress in them soon we have given them a Book of Mormon and we are following up on Saturday.

Grace Hardy has a strong testimony and I don't see her falling away from the church especially since she has a strong support from her husband. I'm glad for her baptism last week.

Emerson Udgiman I thought was progressing quickly and was accepting the gospel, but in latest attempts to visit with him and teach him he is always gone from home. He is 16 Years old and his family is a part member family. I really hope we can think of ways to get through to him.

Mitch Minosa has a really strong testimony she is 18 years old and her older brother Rechaldo is a member of the church. She has taken it upon her self to read through the Book of Mormon she is already in Alma! Her baptism is this week February 12, 2011 and we are all excited from her. We are teaching her little sister Mannilyn and she is extremely shy, but is starting to open up to us. She is 11 years old.She has bad vision so we write out the hymns for her to sing and her

Sister Cheryl Baraga is learning from us but her learning level is low she has a illness where she has seizures and has a cancer on her face that she is scared to get operated on because of her age. She seems to be progressing slowly, but is still willing to listen so we are taking it slowly with Sister Cheryl.

Nelson Mansalay is progressing well. He has a smoking problem but he says he hasn't smoked since we committed him 2 weeks ago. He usually goes to church with Cheryl and Mitch, but they didn't attend with Nelson and he came by himself! We were all really proud of him, and his progression.

Sister Marilou has a strong testimony, but her live in doesn't want to get married, and she is not attending church. She is growing and learning still, but is having troubles with her live in Michael's gambling problem. They have no money for food and he gambles all the money he makes away.They have 4 kids too. It's really sad to see that he is willing to gamble away what little money they make.

I'm working hard to be 100 percent in all I do. The companionship having two companions is a little rocky, but we are managing. Sometimes I wish I had only one companion I think my language would progress more quickly since they have formed a close bond, and I'm just kind of there. I love them both though and the Lord has reasons for my companionship so I'm trying to enjoy it.

Talamban city area is great the people though are always busy and it's hard to catch most people at home sometimes. We have one inactive family who is always gone from the house, but we have talked with the oldest son many times. Mikee is 18 years old and we convinced him to come to church last Sunday and he was there! I only hope he can be a good example to his family.

The work is good in Talamban and the sun has been shining today so that's a good sign.

Sister Bruno

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