Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baptism in Cebu

First of all I love you!

This week has been good. the mission you really are happy because you have no worries about yourself. We have all the money we need and we get to go into the houses of people all day, and on Preparation Day we get to be tourist (well kind of) and so life is good in the Philippines. I am loving the weather and the people. Coming up in March next transfer we are going to have 4 people in the apartment. Our area is so big President Hansen decided to split the area into two and there will be two companionships. I am really excited I doubt that I will transfer this next transfer I will probably be here for two more transfers if pattern follows, and I will probably lead one of the areas the next transfer. Yey... usually you lead your first area your second transfer but I had two companions so i didn't need to lead the area.

Sister Mitch Minosa got baptized this past Saturday February 12,2011 and confirmed on the Sunday after. She is really fun she is 18 years old and she always just tells me Okay ra na padayan lang (that's okay just continue) because that's my theme phrase this transfer. She has a strong testimony. She teaches her younger sister the gospel and we are teaching her little sister Mannilyn who just turned 13 yesterday and friend Nelson Mansalay. He is in his 40's still single. Nelson is doing really well. He stopped drinking and smoking, and when he was with his friends Mitch told us instead of drinking with them he read his Book of Mormon. We were so proud of him.

Sister Judith Velez baptism is on Saturday she has been an investigator for awhile, and she is finally getting baptized. She was prepared well. Her testimony is growing strong.

Emerson Ugdiman we thought was a golden investigator, but we haven't taught him in awhile because he is always gone when we go to his house. Also he has been out of town. His dad set up an appointment for us to teach him when he gets back from his Lolo's house.

Sister Cheryl Braga also is a friend of Mitch's. She is difficult to teach. She is a little slow, and she hasn't been responding really to the lessons but we are trying.

Last night we were walking and I crossed the street and my companions got stuck on the other side, and a man approached me he was from Africa and asked what I was doing in the Philippines. It's a common question people think when they see a foreigner around I think when they see white people. Especially white girls in the Philippines. I told him how we were missionaries and he said he was a missionary once too and that at his church they visit the prisoners and teach about Christ. He asked a bunch of questions, and when I explained about the basic beliefs he was super interested. He was like we need to meet again so I can invite my friends and I can find out more about your church. I have a feeling he wants to Bible bash, but we made sure their was going to be a female friend there and set a time for Monday Feb 21, 2011 so we will see. We just need to prepare well and not let it turn into an ambush!

I love you all and pray for you. Thanks for the support and love!

Nahigugma ko kanimo
Amping mo (take care yall)
Sister Bruno

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