Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Live-In Partners


I can't believe how fast the time is going I feel like I just got here yesterday! I'm never going to get used to the time on the mission. It seems like the time goes so fast because its go go go all the time, and I love it.

This last Saturday January 29, 2011 Sister Grace Hardy was baptized it was really awesome. She definitely was one of those people who was ready for baptism. She has one of the strongest testimonies, and she has such a good heart. She always wants to feed us and even if we wanted to we cant escape her house without her feeding us. Her baptism was small, but her sister ended up coming which was good i think for Sister Grace. On Sunday Sister Grace and Brother Hardy came late, because they were coming all the way from Sister Graces home in the Providence and so she wasn't confirmed. She was really disappointed, but we made sure she knew we would do it next Sunday.

On the Dyipney (jeepney) ride the other day the conductor (the man/boy sometimes there are 14 year old conductors who takes the money) the guy asked Sister Caluyo if she was our tour guide. Haha I never heard that one before it was hilarious. I think that's probably what many people think of us when we are walking down the street.

Sister Williams and Sister Caluyo always make sure I say to say Hi to everyone in Bisayan because I "wouldn't want to disappoint my fan club" they are always teasing me about me having a fan club. They tease me about everything actually but its just what I call love.

Sister Mitch Minosa has a baptismal date of February 12, 2011 and she is ready for baptism. Although we didn't assign her to she has begun to read the scriptures from the beginning and she is already in Jacob.

Many of our investigators right now have Law of Chastity problems. Their are many people who have live-in boyfriends with children, so its really difficult trying to convience them to get married. Our investigators are willing it's the boyfriends that are having the issues, and two of them are members. Sister Sally Abella, and Sister Emeley Pardillo both have live-ins that are members it's sad because they are not living their covenants and so they are holding their families from blessings. Its really frustrating!

I love you all and hope all is well!

Sister Bruno

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