Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Splitting the Area in Cebu City

Nahigugma Ko kaninyo!

First of all I love you!!

This  week is transfers week and the power of three is being seperated. Our area is being split in two and we will have four people in our apartment. Sister Williams is training for the first time, and me and Sister Caluyo are going to be companions. Our zone leader Elder Gubb is transferring and so is our Assistant to the President Elder Gatdula.  Sister Bundac is going home this week and it makes me realize how fast the time has been going by. People I know are going home now!

We had a baptism this week Brother Nelson. He gave  up smoking and drinking. He comes to church faithfully. He is a little bit slow on the processing, but he is a kind person. I know he will  grow through the church. We cleaned out the Pit-os house this week and  are settling into our new apartment in Apas. We need to find an apartment in our area, but haven't seen anything we like yet. We love the house we live in now with hot showers a washing and dryer and all the perks. It's funny what you miss while on the mission and see how many blessing we have.

This transfer I have been getting along with my  companions really well. I love the adventures we have been having.  They are tons of laughs. We laugh at least a million times a day  either joking around or something one of us says. It's much better in life if we can just laugh at the trials we have!

Yesterday was an awesome day. Emerson Ugdiman said he wanted to be baptized, and we all thought he was going to be a lost  cause, because he went on vacation and before vacation he was not  progressing. When he returned though he not only looked older and was  growing up, but the Lord has been preparing him to be baptized. When we asked him what his desire was for baptism he surprised all of us at his  declaration of wanting to be baptized, but knows that he hasn't been going to church so he couldn't. We ensured him that he could go at his aunt's and the Elders over there could teach him. It's sad to give him up  to the elders but if he gets baptized and grows in his testimony I will  make the sacrifice and give him to the elders. We know that the elders  will be better for him being a teenager and not having any brothers in the house it will help.

I miss you all

Love you

You all need to continue to keep you covenants. And don't forget you are special each one of you individually!

Sister Bruno

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