Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Missionary Barbie


First of all I love you!

Secondly I love the kids in the Philippines. Yesterday one of them asked me "Ate Barbi mao?" or (Older Sister) Are you a real Barbi. Haha they are so precious. We teach a bunch of kids in Tintay and more and more join every time we visit Tintay. We have about 10 kids that sit in on the lessons.

Another lady this week told me that I looked like a doll. Being white in the Philippines there is no blending in. It's really good for talking about the gospel though because we are recognized as missionaries. We hear whispers as we pass by "Mormons!" The Filipino people love to practice their English on me and I love practicing my Bisayan on them. The only hard thing is my listening skills to the language isn't as good as it could be because they speak English back to me when I speak Bisayan. Most people learn English when they are kids in school so their English is amazing, but like I probably feel about speaking Bisayan they are shy about their language.

We went to the temple this morning its really awesome to be in the temple and when walking in the doors of the temple i can just feel all the stress or worries come right off my shoulders. I love the temple and have realized what an amazing gift it is.

I feel the time slipping by, and Sister Brand just reminded me that it's been 5 months already here on my mission, and I just can't believe it. Time really is a strange thing. I really don't want my mission to be over I have learned so much and still have way to much to learn in such a short amount of time.

I hope all of you are amazing.

Nahigugma ko kaninyo. Amping mo kanunay. Gwapo lagi mo. Istoria uban sa kaninyo sa sunod nga semana! Hungtud sunod nga panahon.

Until Next week this has been a weekly update brought to you by Sister Bruno in a small Lahug Internet Cafe.

Sister Bruno

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