Thursday, March 31, 2011

Seperation Anxiety

Kamusta Mo!

Primero Ako nahiguma kaninyo!

Karon Semana Nindot Jud! As In Nindot gahapon!

Some days I forget how to Talk in English. I can't really talk to the pulti's on the Dyipneys it hard to switch from Bisayan to English so I talk to the white people in broken English... On the dyipney the other day there were three white girls I told them bisayan then tried to translate to English "free the tour" I said talking about the temple tours we have every Thursday. We are basically visitor center missionaries too because we give tours of the temple and explain it and explain baptism and prophets and the church. Its fun but at the same time hard because none of us had training for it so we never know exactly what to say.

I almost lost my companion the other day. We were riding the dyipney and it stopped so I got off but it hadn't stopped all the way so my companion was still on the dyipney. Luckily it only went ten feet so I could still see and hear her! Haha but it was not a good feeling to almost loose a companion. We said if we ever get separated to meet at the house. Haha.

The weeks and time has gotten shorter and it will soon be next transfers. I am most likely staying for another transfer but I don't really know. I love it here though so I wouldn't mind staying this area is awesome. I really don't want to transfer to a city area that would not be as much fun, but I will go wherever revelation brings me. It's all in the plan so I'm not complaining. I have been blessed greatly on the mission.

I Love all of You

Sister Bruno

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