Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Progress of Work

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Thanks for sharing the wonderful experiences is very evident that the Lord is working with you.   Have another great week.   Pres.Hansen

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Dear President!

I am loving the split it was revelation without a doubt.  We had 40 new investigators last week and we find several people a day.  The area is so large and there are people we never would have met if the area wasn't split. 

This week one of our recent converts son's Jassen Velez decided to let us teach him.  He is 21 years old and his mother said he is extremely shy and doesn't like to talk, but he seems to be voicing his concerns with us.  He is a very humble person and we are excited to continue to keep teaching him. 

We have been teaching many children this transfer I can see why Jesus loves the little children.  While we were teaching Grace Oporto the law of chastity and talked to her about being modest she said excuse me ran home and changed into modest clothes!  She is so cute!  Sister Genevievea Diparine is 11 years old and has been going to church with our recent convert Sister Judith Velez.  Her mother and her have a baptismal date.  Jenny her mother is willing to listen to our lessons and we love teaching her. 

Sister Williams and Sister Tumala taught Emerson Ugdiman and he seems to be progressing to his baptismal date. 

We have been walking in the path that the Savior has layed out for us because I feel like all the people we have met this week have been blessings, and I feel a strong love for all the people we have met.

Sister Mitch hasn't been coming to church since her confirmation.  She works with her mother a lot and has been working for the last couple of weeks.  We hope that she does not fall into the devil snares.  I hear the first year of someones joining the church is the hardest on them.  We only are trying to strengthen her testimony.  She is strong in reading the scriptures and her testimony so we will only work hard to help keep her strong. 

This transfer as all my other transfers have been great.  I look back and see the many blessings that heavenly Father has given to me. 

Sister Caluyo has been teaching me a lot and I have made high goals to meet.  The language seems to not be a huge barrier as it once was.  I have set a goal not to speak English this whole transfer I know its hard but possible!  Sister Caluyo has been helping me a lot with the language and I love her for sacrificing her time to help me! 

Thank You President!

Sister Bruno 

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