Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Missionary Marriage Proposal


Primero Nahigugma ko kaninyo. Hapit Na Mo-uli! JOKES LANG BITAW!

So  this week has been really fun. Today we baked brownies and cake Sister  Brand and Sister Falculan came over, so it was Sister Caluyo, Sister  Williams, Sister Tumala, Sister Brand, Sister Falculan, and I. We ate  pizza and baked P-day in the mission field good times!  But it wasn't  good for me because I made a pact with Sister Hansen our mission  President's wife that we would lose 2 pounds a week, I'm just going to  have to run super hard tomorrow morning. We have been running in the  morning and we walked up the bukid all day yesterday I'm so sore its  great. President Hansen challenged all of us to go APE in the morning  (Arise, Pray, and Exercise).

HILARIOUS STORY!! My companion just got proposed to over email  BAHAH she is going home in 3 months and the boy I guess has been making plans for their marriage without her knowing, and he wants to come pick  her up and get a temple marriage. Sister Caluyo was like NO JUD!!  hahahahhahahaha I'm dying this is the best story ever! LOL laughing in  the Internet cafe  I about peed my pants. She is like I want to PUNCH HIM way to bother  me with this matter on my mission!! HALA HALA HALA. Some Peoples kids!

This week has been fun of fun times. We basically spent all day  hiking through the Bukid visiting Recent converts that have been  inactive. We visited a recent convert Brother Nelson he is so buotan but he hasn't been coming to church not cool, but I hope our lesson encouraged him to come to conference.

They announced this week at district meeting that P-day next week is on TUESDAY and transfers are 2 days early WEDNESDAY! We all freaked  out hapit na! Hala I cant believe that transfers are so soon! Siguro my companion will transfer I hope they don't take her from me she is an amazing teacher I cant go on without her! Joke Lang but still really  she cant go she is an awesome companion! I most like will stay one more  transfer putting me at 6 months my first area! I will be happy staying  or going I will go where the Lord wants me to go I'm just happy to be  in the Philippines! So many blessings here on the mission my happiness  is great. My disappointment I feel in investigators when they don't  follow a commitment, and how I feel proud when they do. I feel Heavenly  Father shaping me for after my mission. I love the mission and am  grateful to Dad for encouraging me to come on my mission. I am so  grateful for mom raising me in the church, and teaching me the right  values. I am grateful for Gen, Gigi, and Flora's example thanks mga Ate (older sisters) for sticking it out. I am grateful for Desi, Franny,  Michael, and Niki's disapproving looks if I stepped out of line thanks  mga manhod (younger siblings)! Family really is being attacked everyday  STAY STRONG RESIST THE TEMPTATION TO ARGUE!!

PS to everyone who is reading my blog if Dad posts this I am grateful for your friendship and you words of encouragement here on my mission.  I know that God loves all his children. Resist temptation you have agency to choose. Choose the Right!!

Nahigugma Ko kaninyo

Sister Bruno

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