Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Work Progressing in Cebu City

Dear Family,

First of all I love you all!

This week has been really awesome.  I got a new companion Sister Caluyo.  My trainer Sister Ramos got transferred after having her just one transfer.  Sister Caluyo though is an awesome addition.  She is our senior companion and she is super humble and meek.  Sister Caluyo is a strong person her mother died while on the mission and she decided to stay with the suggestion from President Hanson.  She is awesome.  We met with Sister Judith and she was an activist against religion in college, but through meeting missionaries she gradually was willing to listen to the lessons.  She has been going to church but has been hesitant in accepting a baptismal date. We met with Sister Judith on Monday, and after just one lesson with Sister Judith Sister Caluyo extended a baptismal date in a genius way and Sister Judith accepted it was beautiful.  Sister Williams even teared up.  And that's how missionary work is done!  Sister Caluyo is basically teaching me things that I will definitely incorporate into my work.  

This week is Sister Grace Hardy's baptism she is an awesome person.  She is outgoing and refuses to let us leave her house without eating something.  Her husband is American from Utah, and is a member.  Sister Grace Hardy has been attending church for way long before i got to the mission.  She just has been reluctant to listening to the missionaries because one missionaries approach she did not like.  When I got to the ward she decided to let us teach her I think our approach was genius or she was just ready to hear the gospel.  She is getting Baptized this week Saturday the Jan 29 2011.  I am so excited for her.  She is my first baptism that I was there to help teach all the lessons.  She is getting baptized only after 6-7 lessons.  We have given her a lot of information, but she has a great testimony and I don't see her turning away from the church in the future.

During teaching Sister Jennale Arinasa her little sister peed on the floor it was so random but that actually happens a lot here during lessons.  I have seen 3 kids already pee on the floor during a lesson.  

Emerson Ugdiman didn't go to church this week so his baptismal date was moved back a week.

Sister Cheryl Sister Mitch and Brother Nelson all has Baptismal dates and they seem ready to accept the gospel.  Sister Cheryl though is a little reluctant coming from a Catholic background.  Brother Nelson may have problems because he smokes but last appointment he didn't smoke for a whole week so hopefully he will keep strong.  

Its crazy because Sister Brand came this week.  She is our younger Batch.  The time is passing by so quickly its crazy!  Sister Brand is in my district though now she replaced Sister Robison.  I was happy and sad about that.  I love Sister Robison she was my first BFF on the mission.  But I am happy to see Sister Brand every week.  

The other day we ran all the way home to make it in time for curfew it was hilarious!

Yesterday we were walking and there was a gust of wind and my skirt flew up I screamed and sister williams and Sister Caluyo turned back to see what happened they were like What happened I told them and they laughed so hard!

Good times on the Mission 

Until next week this is the life and stories of Sister Bruno

Sister Bruno   

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