Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Rain: Adventures on the Mountain


First of all I love you and am thankful for your sacrifice to let me come on my mission.

It's been raining a lot lately because of El Ninyo it's supposed to rain a lot until March that's what one of the members said. I think it's rained everyday this week.

Yesterday was definitely an adventure it was awesome! We went to appointments in the bukid (mountain) yesterday morning, and when we left it was raining.  Sister Williams doesn't have a payon (umbrella) so she broke off a banana tree leaf with her teeth and used it as an umbrella. Here when it rains you really need to be careful of the jeepneys because one we walk everywhere and yesterday I got splashed by a jeepney it was not fun! Also there are not really driving laws here so they will run you over. Cars don't care about people walking. When we were walking up the bukid we got on a jeepney to ride the rest of the way because we were worried about time. The driver didn't let us pay because it was only a short time to Sister Emely Pardillos house and it was raining so he didn't let usbayad(pay). On the way back to theBalay(house) I bought an umbrella and the owner of the tindahan(store)helped me with my bisayan. When we went to the Balay to use the CR(comfort room) my companions fell asleep on the bed. It was way funny but I woke them up and we left. We ate at Julie's Bake Shop. They have these bake shops everywhere where you can buy bread all different kinds some with meat in them and also pastries and such. But anyways we ate at Julie's Bake Shop for Sister Williams birthday. Then after that we went to the Camangyan families' house to teach them and their house is down this Bukid part and we had to take our shoes off to get to their house because it was too muddy to try to get down to their house with shoes on. On the way home we had to change jeepneys because the one we were on broke down and we got our money back and sakay mi(we rode) the next jeepney that came by.

It was a fun day. My companions stayed up to paint their faces and I went to bed I have been trying to be obedient.

My trainer is being transferred to another area this Friday I'm super sad! We were all getting comfortable with each other as companions.

Times up we only get 30 minutes to email!


Sister Bruno

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