Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Work in Lapulapu

Dear President Schmutz,

We are excited for the baptism of Sister Lea Palaganas.  She is excited to be baptised and she really has been prepared.  Her husband is a good example to her.  He follows the teachings of the gospel and he has prepared her to accept all of the commandmants and commitments we have made.  She attends church with her family every week and has been to temple tour.  Her baptism will be 28 April 2012.  

We are not sure about brother Jeffery Ong but we will continue to work with him until he is ready.  

Brother John Clare Ayuda is slowly learning the gospel.  He is progressing slowly.

We are working with many less active families, and they have started to become strong in the gospel.  We are going to start to look at focusing on other less active families soon since the ones we have been focusing on have become active.  We plan to give the ward more responsibility in retaining them also so that when we transfer they wont fall away again.  

Sister Acain like I said is so prepared to train she knows the doctrine, and studies everyday how to apply in the lessons.  She is a great teacher and would really like to see her train next transfer.  She is a great example and would be a great trainer.  She might think she needs more time, but I know since she has been working with the missionaries since she was 14 years old she has been prepared by the Lord for great things.  

Thank You President I will stay in contact throughout the years.  Thank you for your kindness.

Sister Bruno

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