Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trials of Investigators

Dear President Schmutz,

Sister Lea I know will be baptized this 28 April.  She is really excited to listen to the lessons, and also she always has assignments for us.  She asks so many questions and are open to accept the answer through prayer and studying.  She has a testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  We will continue to prepare her for baptism.  

Brother John Clare Ayuda is having many trials, but we have seen his desires grow.  We taught him the word of wisdom the first lesson and he is willing to slowly give up his vices.  It was the first time I taught an investigator word of wisdom the first lesson, but he joined in the lesson for some recent converts, and he seems to accept it is what God wants.  He has little religious background so we are taking it slowly with him, and we plan and hope he will be prepared for baptism this coming May.

Brother jeffrey Ong is becoming less interested in baptism.  He is struggling with accepting the word of wisdom.  We need to go back to restoration, and build his faith.  We moved his baptism for the first week in May.

Sister Acain is a shining light in the darkness.  She is such an awesome friend I love her...  She is continuing to study the gospel to improve her knowledge of the gospel.  She is a special special person, and I am glad for the opportunity to be her companion.  

I love you President Schmutz give my love to Sister Schmutz,
Sister Bruno

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