Thursday, January 5, 2012

Through the Trials Come Many Blessings

 From: Annika Bruno <>
Date: Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 12:25 PM
Subject: Week 2

Dear President Schmutz,

This week has been interesting.  We just went to the doctors this morning to run some tests that the doctor suggested for Sister Taylor.  She has been getting swollen hands and feet. She has been getting many trials this week.  I remember my first transfer on the mission I also had many trials and  thoughts of going home, but I got through it and I know that she will get through it too.  We are fighting a rough battle, but we will overcome president. 

We had an opportunity on P-day to just sit in the temple waiting area for a few minutes before going back to work, and there Sister Taylor and I had the chance to talk about many things.  I think that Sister Taylor is a little bit sad that she is missing so many things at home like her brother getting engaged, but she understands she is here for a reason, and I am not worried about her because those feelings are natural.  She isn't extremely depressed or anything so I think she is just adjusting.  I was happy to see earlier this morning when we rode the dyipney she I2Led the people sitting next to her, whereas, in the last few days she has been too shy to try.  I can really see the progression of her language and knowledge.  I really am glad that this new training program has come out, because I can see if you are diligent to the study program then the progression is substantially greater compared to when I was trained on the mission. 

Sad to say though our work has been slowing down, because people were busy for the new year's holiday so we got punted a lot!  I have been having problems making the stats, but we have been working hard going out everyday on time working until curfew so I have no guilt just concern for the area.  We have been diligent about the studying and training plan which I find effects the amount of lessons we can get in one day.  I have only made the stats one week the whole time I have been assigned in the city.  I don't know if its because people are busy or if its the training program, and also most days we get punted so we only have one lesson for that day.  It can be frustrating seeing the rest of the district making far above the stats.

President Hansen once said "through the trials comes many blessings", and I have to agree.  We have found another less active family the Recla family that we have started teaching, and they agreed to come back to church this week.  Also while I2Ling we found a man who said his wife is a member and previously his kids would attend church but they have stopped going.  He wants us to come to his house and continue to teach his family.  We also just received a referral from a member for a family of eight.  They have listened to the missionaries before, and they have just moved into the area and they want to continue to listen to the discussions. 

The Alpitche family has come back from vacation, and we are happy to say that brother is cutting down his smoking.  We are helping him slowly go off of cigarettes.  He has gone from 8 to 5 a day now.  We will continue to help him until he can quit smoking.  We have high hopes for their family getting sealed in the temple one day. 

Jeff and Clay are still in the process of planning their wedding, and we found out that they are living in the same house now.  We have encouraged them that if they don't live apart at least don't sleep in the same room.  They have been having some problems with planning their marriage, because although they would like to get married and they have all the requirements the family of Jeff is opposing the marriage.  They are disappointed because they wanted him to go out of the Philippines to work before he would get married.  So they have been having problems getting his parents to sign the marriage papers since his is only 22 years old he needs parents consent.  We will continue to pray for him that they can get married for the sake of the child, and the sake of their family.  We will continue to keep you updated with their progress. 

Sister Jandog is almost at her one year.  She is preparing to enter into the temple.  Bishop advised her to go through the temple preparation class before she is to go through the temple.  It is a 6 weeks class and she is willing to do it in order to enter into the temple.  She is a shy type of person that is faithful in coming to church every week, and I see her testimony growing every day. 

We will continue to strive to do better everyday, and find those in need.  I am also glad of the opportunity to have met your family they are all so kind.  I enjoyed talking with them, and helping in what little ways I could for their stay in the Philippines.
Being a trainer allows me to reflect on the feelings I once had as a new missionary, and especially since one of my trainers Sister Williams was the MTC teacher of Sister Taylor.  I never feel frustrated as a trainer.  I just continue to have high expectations for Sister Taylor.  I hope that she will feel that I am a good trainer, and not compare my weaknesses with others strengths in the future.  I only hope I can remain in her memory as a friend. 

Thanks President Schmutz until next week,

Sister Bruno

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