Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hardness of Heart

Dear Family,

I made history this week by being the first sister of my time going on sister companionship exchanges.  It was a great experience.  I really loved my time with Sister Camarillo.  We laughed the whole time, and we had amazing spiritual lessons.  I hope that since we were the guinea pigs that we can continue to do companion exchanges as sisters on the mission.

Today I just got my trunky letter!!  A trunky letter is when they send you a paper asking about what airport you go home to and the correct information, and also it gives my date of release as 26 April 2012!!  By the way I need the new address to give to the office for my travel and such.  Its weird because I will be coming home soon.  I am not sure if I am ready I was really hoping that I could extend, but I think that it will not be possible now.  

Today I went with my district just to tour around.  We didn't do much, but it was also fun.  Making memories that's what the mission is about.  I only have a short time to make the best of the mission.  The time is far spent!

We had zone interview this week, and president call us all to repentance.  I really agree with him though.  He talked about one of the steps of repentance is restitution, and if we don't repent now it will be hard to make a restitution after the mission.  He talked about not following the false doctrine of the mission.  We all love President Schmutz so much.  He is such a bright person.  He is definitely called by God. 

We had a hard lesson this week with an inactive member, and I ended up crying in the lesson, because I felt such sorrow for the hardness of his heart.  I just testified, and then we left.  He wouldn't even give a prayer at the end.  He was Muslim once, and we believe that he is returning to those thoughts.  My only regret is that he restricts his wife from attending church. Its sad to see someone who once was a faithful member of the church, and that went on a mission have to be victim to her choices.  I hope that one day brother will change.

I love you all and if you want to write you better do it soon because I come home in APRIL!!  Haha

Love you

Sister Bruno

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