Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Overcoming Adversity

Dear Family,
 This week has been pretty rough because it was a holiday and no one was home. Either they were not home or they were busy with cooking for Christmas or New Years! We had many trials this week but that's what makes the best stories. So this is what happened my companions feet have been swollen since she got here and the other day her hands were huge and swollen she looked like the Michelin man! We are going to see the doctor today to see whats going on with her. I think it is probably an allergy. We think she might be allergic to the bug repellant which is ironic because its supposed to protect you from sickness not cause the sickness. Anyways we are going to the doctor today which is going to kill our P-day but what can you do sacrifices must be made. We bought new curtains for the apartment which should have been nice but we accidentally bought two different kinds for the living room so they don't exactly match perfectly, but they are okay. I finally bought a pillow after not sleeping with one for a month Ah the simple things in life!!

I FINALLY GOT MY PACKAGE. Thank you for the cookies. Well I bought butter which is pretty expensive here and we don't have an oven or a cookie roller, but I devised a plan to use the toaster oven!! Success! We made cookies last night which takes forever baking them in the toaster over because we can only cook two at a time, but I finally got them cooked. I will most likely frost them tonight. It was fun making them though that's for sure. It made for a good memory. How to make cookies on the mission step one. Use the pots used for boiling water because we don't have a big bowl. Step two make cookies. Step three roll the dough out by pounding it with your hand. Step three cook in the toaster over... Easy bake :) Good times.

We are digging a septic tank for our csp. It brings me back to the time when I would dig in the dirt as a child. We are digging a hole that's our purpose. We didn't get that far last week, but we are going back this week and we aren't sure how long it will take, but its fun.... For new years eve we ate at a members house. We went to bed at 10PM but woke up at 12 because of the fireworks going off outside of our window. It was like a war. The fire works went off until about 2AM. Here for Christmas and New Years they shoot off fireworks, and all of the little kids buy fireworks. You know the saying don't play with matches well I dont think they have ever heard of that saying here. there were 4 and 5 year olds just lighting fireworks and chucking them every way. You have to be on guard as to not get hit by one. Actually we were passing by and I go nailed in the foot with one. It was just a little fire cracker so it wasn't too bad. So we woke up to the boys yelling happy new years. We said happy new years and went back to bed!! Haha the life of a missionary.

We have been teaching Jeff and he and Clay should be married this Jan. His baptism will probably be in February but we aren't sure because he now works on Sundays. He is looking for another job so he can get off on Sundays, but he is pretty new at his job now. I hope he can find another job. Everyone was out of town this past week so we had hardly anyone at church this week.

Our stats crashed and burned, but at least we tried our hardest. I am pretty sure that its because its Sister Taylor's first week. I know the first transfer on the mission is the hardest. Satan really tries to make you quit. We made it through, and Sister Taylor is really trying in the language. I make her teach the first lesson whenever we teach the first lesson, because we have studies it and I have written sentences for her. So the expectation is high because she could train in 12 weeks. The new 12 week training program they want the greenies ready to train after 12 weeks. So I am trying to prepare her for that. Training isn't the easiest, but its a learning experience. I just hope I have one more area, because you how much I love the city! I love you all have an awesome week and if you ever want to write just you know do it before I come home!!

Sister Bruno

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