Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dreaming in the Language


Nahigugma Ko kaninyo!

Karon semana Lisod Jud kaayo!  Daghan ang among trabajo pero okay ra na! Padayon lang. At least ang akong linguahe palambo jud kaayo ug ang akong kauban si sister falculan nindot jud kaayo niya. Karon semana nay upat ka bago nga mga investigator ug nindot jud sila kay ug smart jud kaayo sila ug naghunahuna sila kabahin sa among mensahe. Dili nagistoria sila oo lang pero nay daghan mga pagutana para kanamo.

The area has been good we are working hard and we are doing our best to find families for our area. I had a dream in bisayan yesterday which I find to be a good sign because I think it must mean I can now understand the language. I can understand Jud pero when I speak its slang jud kaayo. We are so tired after work we go straight to bed. We were in bed asleep by 9:30 yesterday! As in knocked out jud. My companions say I talk in my sleep and I have even said Bisayan words haha!
Some of our new investigators we are going to play volleyball with next pday I am super excited but Sister Falculan is not excited kay she hates volleyball, but she said she will play for the sake of BRTing (building a relationship of trust).

We had a temple session today and we had to take a taxi. Our new area is soooo expensive because we are always taking tricycles to and from places. Its the only mode of transportation and our area is huge! I would just walk every where if i could but Sister Falculan likes to keep a strict schedule. She is awesome. She is so Kugihan its ridiculous. I love her for it! We are always laughing which is good because if we aren't laughing it wouldn't be as fun!

Welps we have an early appointment we have to make!

DONT FORGET IM GOING TO CALL FOR MOTHERS DAY! Im not sure what time yet or what day but I will email again next Wednesday tell me what day and time is probably best and we will work something out!!



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