Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Transferred to Medellin

Dear President Schmutz,

We have had great experiences here in Medellin.  Our Zone Leaders have been very helpful in moving us into our apartment and helping us in the area.  

Like all open areas we are going to have to do a lot of finding, but we have already four investigators commited for baptism.  They all seem to have some growing to do, but of course it will take sometime to see where they actually are at.  Brother Elmer was committed for baptism this last Saturday but it was moved because he had work and just recently got Sunday off.  We found out though that he has a Word of Wisdom problem we went to teach him and he had been drinking.  We will continue to teach the doctrine, and see where his desire is.  His family are all members and would really like to see their dad baptized soon.  We will keep you updated.  Then we have Renato Giducos which his family is also members, and he seems interested in listening we committed him for baptism this past Sunday.  Also Brother Michael Fernandez (21 Years) and his brother Ranil Fernandez (16Years) they also committed for baptism last Sunday.   

The Giducos family is less active so we also work with them to become strong before the baptism of the father.  We also plan to teach Sister Vima Giducos to read so she can grow by reading the book of mormon.  

The apartment is pretty bad, but we had help cleaning on Saturday as a CSP.  We still have a long way to go, but I was not at all shocked with the past experiences I have had with Elders apartments.  I dont think I will be shocked at anything after the experience of my last apartment in Lapu-lapu I am sure you remember the email I sent about that.  In all fairness though the house is amazing.  We love having a yard, and have had picnics outside for our breakfast.  

I feel this area will have miracles happen.  We had a meeting this Sunday and we made a goal with the members to making our branch a ward in three months.  It was inspired by the spirit.  We really have great faith that this can happen.  We are faithful that if we are obedient and faithful then this area will progress.  

I am so grateful for the extension I have had I have learned so much especially from Elder Neilson yesterday.  I feel that the Lord has used me and my knowledge of opening areas.  I feel it a great privalage to be companions with Sister Olofernes.  She is so excited for the area, and she is a great example to me in her positive attitude.  Thank you for this amazing opportunity President I love you.

Sister Bruno 

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