Wednesday, May 25, 2011

50 Year Jubilee in the Philippines

Dear Family,

I love you all

Last thursday our bishopric sprung for a ride to temple tours with our investigators. It turned out to be a moving type van with some plastic chairs in the back. When the driver hit the break hard we all slide around and the back was wide open we all laughed the whole way there.

Oh boy our investigators took some work to get them ready for their baptism this past Sunday. We were blessed though with 4 baptisms. Just opened the area and already 4 baptisms that really is a miracle. James Brian Vloso, Rochelle Latoga, Mirryl latoga, and Riza Latoga. Sister Rochelle, and Mirryl like to kuyog us to lessons and they are growing in their testimony.

We participated in the 50 year jubilee here in the Philippines it was pretty lagit. The youth and Single Adults worked so hard to prepare for the presentation. On 21 May 2011 we took part in the Jubilee presentation. We didn't do much just walked turned around and smile at the camera you should look and see if its on youtube or something look for Manduae Jubilee or something haha. The elders though did a whole act like a death march thing where Elder Ashdown and two other elders got shot for drinking water because it wasnt allowed and Brother George so the guards were like Nazis and would shot you in you rested or drank water or fell down. Elder Fausterilla was hilarious I wish I could have gotten a movie of it. But they filmed the whole presentation so hopefully I can see it again someday.

We have one investigator who considered suicide to take her life and the life of her 5 children she just has no hope. We are going to continue to do everything we can for her, but its hard when you and you children are starving. She and her live-in partner fight all the time, and she is just being pounded by Satan!

Well it's definitely an adventure here on the mission! There are ups and downs but I'm just still enduring to the end, and it's crazy how time passes so quickly. My trainer goes home tomorrow weird!

Nahigugma Ko kaninyo

Sister Bruno

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