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Instructions for Sister Missionaries in Philippines Cebu Mission


Philippines Cebu Mission
August 17, 2010

Sister Annika Kamaleilani Bruno
2042 Thornhill Dr.
Summerville, SC 29485

Dear Sister Bruno, 

Welcome to the Philippines Cebu Mission! I am excited that you have been called to serve as part of our great missionary force here in the Visayas! I appreciate your preparation for this great work.  As you put forth the effort required, you will be blessed with many spiritual experiences as you serve in a rapidly growing area of Asia.  I encourage you to continue preparing for your missionary service through prayer and gospel study.  Through your ability to teach by the spirit, many people will be blessed by receiving the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sister Bruno, will you please write a letter telling me how you feel about the Gospel and your desires to serve in the Phillipines Cebu Mission.  Also, please include a brief testimony.  In your letter please tell us your email address and that of your parents.

The Filipinos are very friendly, and many of them speak some English.  You will enjoy learning our mission language, Cebuano (Visayan).  The people will love you for your efforts.  Although this is a hot, humid climate, you will be fairly comfortable with electric fans, which are available in all the apartments.  You will never wear a sweater, and you will sleep under one sheet most of the time.

There are several specific things that you should do by way of preparation:
  1. Re-read the Book of Mormon.
  2. Spend time on exchanges with the missionaries in your area.
  3. If possible, obtain a copy of "Preach My Gospel from your local missionaries and copy at least Chapter 3 for your study.  Begin memorization of some of the key scriptures in this chapter.
  4. Carefully review the clothing list sent you by the missionary department in your call packet and the list from our mission that is included with this letter.
  5. Obtain your patriarchal blessing prior to your departure.
  6. Label your luggage with both the mission address and your home address.  The mission address is: Philippines Cebu Mission, Temple Complex CJCLDS, Gorordo Ave., Lahug, Cebu City, Cebu 6000, PHILIPPINES.  The mission office phone number is 011-63-32-230-1240.
Most international missionaries require, during their missions, some extra money from home for shoes, clothing, or dental work.  However, we encourage wisdom and prudence because additional money is often detrimental to the lessons of sacrifice and consecration.  It would be prudent if you have a major credit/debit card as a method to access any needed/authorized extra funds.  Cash money and stamps are not allowed to be mailed in the Church pouch system.  Checks are very difficult to cash.

Sister Hansen and I extend our love to you and are anxious for your arrival in the Philippines Cebu Mission.

Warmest regards,

President D. Parke Hansen
Philippines Cebu Mission


Phillipines Cebu Mission
Information for Sisters

VERY IMPORTANT:  Follow the guidelines in the information you received from Church headquarters.  Especially pay attention  to instructions about the first aid kit.  What is listed below is merely to explain some of the items mentioned there, or to let you know of other things that will be helpful in the mission.

COORDINATED OUTFITS:  A minimum of eight washable outfits is recommended.  Changes are sometimes required because of the heat or rain.  Also, laundry is hand washed and six outfits may not be enough.

GARMENTS:  Because 100% cotton stretches out of shape with hand laundry and no dryers, cotton is not recommened.

HANDKERCHIEF:  Sisters here use a hanky to wipe perspiration off their faces and necks.  Printed ones (most commonly used here) can be purchased here.  You will need 8 to 10.

NYLONS:  It is too warm here for nylons.  Most sisters tract with bare legs and Birkenstock-type sandals.  Knee high nylons my be worn for Church and zone meetings, but are not required.  You need to bring them with you.  Some sisters use a thin anklet inside their sandals if their feet are sore or if it is raining.  You might want to bring a few pairs.

TOILETRIES:  If, due to allergies or for other reasons, you must have a particular brand, you will need to bring enough with you to last the entire mission.  However, several brands of deodorant, skin care products, shampoo and conditioner are available here.  Hair coloring products are available only in very dark colors or red.

LINENS:  White bath towels (2) and white washcloths (2) suggested.  Thinner towels allow them to dry in spite of the humidity.  Bring white allows the use of bleach to disinfect the towels to prevent skin rashes.  Bring one flat twin sheet, and one fitted twin sheet, and two pillowcases.  White is easily bleached, but not required.

SHOES:  Heavy sandals (like Birkenstocks) are comfortable in the heat.  However, flat, comfortable walking shoes, with toe or heel are necessary for the rainy season (July -- December) for prevention of bacteria in standing water from entering the skin.  Thin anklets may be worn as desired.  Bring them with you if you plan to wear them.  You may want a pair of dress shoes to wear at Church or zone conferences.

EMAIL;  Your only authorized email account will be on myldsmail.net and an address will be assigned to you.  It will be your last name and first initial.  For example, if your name is John Smith, your email address will be SmithJ@myldsmail.net.  The exception is if your last name is three (3) lettters or less, in which case your entire first name will be used also.  It will be set up for you upon your arrival.  You will be able to email your family on preparation day (Monday) using internet cafes available here.

VITAMINS:  Multiple vitamins are supplied free by the Church. Calcium tablets are also supplied by the church for all sister missionaries.
PACKAGES:  Packages sent from home to you in the field need to be small and lightweight so that you could easily carry them on a bus or walk with them to your apartment.  They can be sent by regular mail and usually arrive.  All packages and mail are sent to the mission office and will be hand carried by the Assistants or mission president to you.  Size limited to 24"x16"x9".  Weight should be limited to 10lbs. or 5Kg.  If the package is too large it might stay in the office until the missionary comes here to retrieve it, which could be a long time.

TRAVELING TO CEBU:  When you arrive in Cebu you will spend the first night at the mission home.  Please pack so that you have what you need for that night and the next day in your carry-on luggage.  Your large luggage will be taken that night to the mission office and you will get it there before going out to your area.  Items are not allowed in carry-on luggage will be provided at the mission home, such as shampoo and toothpaste.  Many restrooms (CRs) do not have toilet paper or soap, so it is recommended that you bring some toilet paper and hand sanitizer in your purse.

SHOULDER BAGS:  Backpacks are not used in the Cebu Mission.  Shoulder bags are made here and if you choose to purchase here the cost to you will be P350 (about $5 US).  You also have the option of bringing a shoulder bag with you that is large enough to hold a 1-1/2" three-ring binder, "Preach My Gospel," a water bottle, and your scriptures.

PREPARATION DAY ATTIRE:  When you are out of the apartment on preparation day, you will wear regular missionary attire.  You are always representatives of the Church.  For some preparation day activities and community service projects it may be appropriate to wear long slacks and a shirt with a collar.

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